Our simple to use camera surveillance systems can be operated easily via your smart phone, tablet or computer. On-site video recorders and cloud-based storage systems protect your video for future forensic evidence.  Utilizing the latest in HD Analog and Mega-Pixel IP Video Solutions, our staff can assist you in the right selection of equipment to satisfy any special requirements, budget, or environment.  Call 850-664-2222 for questions or assistance.


When designing a surveillance solution, the first step is deciding where to place your cameras.  where will they be pointing and what images are your trying to record? How far away is the focal point? Will they be pointing to a location with shadows, lighted or both? Will the camera be indoors or outdoors? Do you need to see a large area,  zoom in for a close up or maybe both? Is exceptional image quality to clearly identify faces or license plates required? A to Z Security & Sound can assist with all these questions and develop a plan for your surveillance and security. We can answer any questions you may have and offer solutions based on your budget. Call 850-664-2222 for more assistance.


If video surveillance is required in locations that include bright lights and  dark shadows, the equipment used is crucial. Do you have a door that needs to be monitored from the inside but has bright sunlight most of the day?  A common problem in warehouses, offices and retail environments, the solution is to use a camera with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that balance bright and dark areas to ensure the best quality video without the white wash seen on many surveillance systems, leaving the recorded video useless.


PTZ cameras can improve the quality of the video desired in critical environments. Large parking areas, marinas, retailers, banks, casinos and manufacturing all require the ability to view images close up. When using optical zoom, you can collect detailed video images that can possibly be used as evidence of theft and other malicious activity. PTZ cameras are also ideal when monitoring a wider field of view and many have the capability to zoom in over a mile away.

PANORAMIC 360°/180°

View a larger area with less cameras, which means less cost. Our megapixel solutions allow you to view an area normally requiring more cameras, and with digital zoom, see the smallest of details.


Outdoor extreme conditions, day or night we have the camera and recorders that are suitable for the harshest, most critical environments.

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