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Government Security Solutions

Working with Local, State, and Federal Government

Protecting our government buildings, employees, and visitors is critical. We understand that with each governmental facility comes their own set of requirements and criteria  from building design and location to number of employees. We work with you to design, install and maintain an integrated security solution that balances security and health while planning for future requirements. We have a full line of security alarms, security cameras, access control, and visitor management solutions specially engineered to meet the unique demands of government organizations and facilities. 

On August 13, 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), specifically section 889 went into effect. This section prohibits the usage of certain video surveillance, telecommunications services, equipment and components manufactured by specific vendors in federal buildings as well as federally-contracted developments.  A to Z Security & Sound is committed to complying with all government and international trade regulations.  We offer the LTS Surveillance Line: Pro-VS, with NDAA compliant IP Cameras and NVRs.